About Anna Marie

It all started when my Dad blended a can of RO-TEL, onion and one raw jalapeno. That same salsa evolved into the family party favorite. While I’ll always have the greatest respect for where this simple recipe started, geesh, it needed a little more personality.  So, as a young adult, I began experimenting with spices and obsessing over fresh produce.

My love of making homemade salsa for family and friends, surprisingly, became a small business in the Fall of 2016. Since then, Anna's Addicting Salsa has spiced up its mission to take over your taste buds. Although I’m sharing this magical goodness with people like you who love an upgraded salsa flavor, I can't promise anyone will share theirs with you.  So make sure you get your own jar, or three, and tease your friends with an addicting taste.

My 1st Farmer's Market in Downtown Hutto.  I made 80 jars that week and sold out! 

Donovan (my King) is always down to support me.  This pic was taken at the 1st Annual Northeast Fork Beer & Wine Festival in Taylor. I sold out at this event as well. 


After making salsa for a family gathering, I like to drink the leftovers. 

2018 was my first visit to the Austin Chronicles Hot Sauce Festival. What an eye-opening experience and I will be a vendor in 2019. Come check it out!

My daughter was practicing her photography skills as I made salsa and dinner one night.